Wooden iPad Holder Options - What Is A Shell?


Wooden iPad holder options made at TORTL Tablet Shells are of the shell variety. Shells are in homage to the tough durability of the turtle shell. The turtle shell is a most intimate space which provides a home and protection for the turtle. The shell is a part of its anatomy. It’s not just a covering or a home for the turtle to live in. The boney inner layer is made up of 60 bones, including their backbone, breastbone and ribs. It’s not just their home, it’s life to them. Our personal devices have homes too - the holders that we choose to put them in.

Wooden iPad Holder

So what is a TORTL Tablet Shell all about? Simply put, it is a wood iPad case that aims to provide close comfort and support for your most precious device; and will secure it in the same way as in nature, the shell protects the turtle. TORTL isn’t just a pun. TORTL tablet shells stands for our values. Our values enable us to bring the best wooden iPad holder on the market to our customers. We encourage all of our team members to be the best they can be every day. This level of positivity and culture is woven into the fabric of who we are. We believe that the way our team feels manifests itself into every wood iPad cover we make. To bring our customers high quality tablet shells, requires that we cultivate a high quality culture that maximizes the fulfillment and potential of all team members.

TORTL is an acronym and if you look at the dictionary definition for each of the words that stand behind that, you’ll get some idea of the ethos we bring to our work – and why we make the best iPad wood cover on the market.

T stands for THINKER

We recognize that every great plan of action, product offering or great leap forward begins with the THINKER. These free minded people are the ones who are the nuclei of innovative thought. We encourage all of our team member to express their thoughts, and develop their creativity though pushing the boundaries of what is considered normal. We encourage our customers to be THINKERs too. Your individual thoughts can make a difference and have an impact on the world. Think first, plan, act, and create change.

The O, The R And The T Behind Our Personalized Wooden iPad Stand

O stands for OPTIMISM

We can only accomplish what we believe to be possible. As Confucius said, “He who believes he can, and he who believes he can’t are both right”. We recognize that the true power of the mind comes from what we personally believe and hold to be true of ourselves. OPTIMISM is the belief that we can. Before any great idea takes flight, from a humble personalized wooden iPad stand to the most complex computer, someone must believe that all of mankind in recorded history incorrectly identified, or did not identify at all, the problem that you intend to solve. Taking a stand and believing something that hasn’t been proven to be true takes a great amount of OPTIMISM. It is possible! We believe in our team members and encourage them to believe in themselves, their ideas, and convictions.

R stands for RISIBLE

Risible sometimes has negative connotations, but for us, it’s a positive attribute.

Life is short. Having the ability to laugh is an important value for having a life of balance and happiness. A disposition that is ready to seek the humor of life and its inherent situations is vital to a balanced and fulfilled life. We encourage you to laugh and share a good joke - it just may be the moment that makes someone’s day.

T stands for TENACIOUS

Whatever we have chosen as personal goals or values, we encourage our team members to be TENACIOUS. Follow your heart’s values, being relentless with a ceaseless passion. Follow all your goals to the finish line. Most things that are worth hard work and dedication rarely come easily. Being steadfast and TENACIOUS about our pursuits is essential for goal accomplishment, self-fulfillment, and a healthy and happy lifestyle. At TORTL, our goal is to be TENACIOUS about bringing the best wooden iPad holder stand to the market.

The Final L – The Knowledge Needed To Build The Perfect Wooden iPad Kitchen Stand

L stands for LEARN

With all of the knowledge available to mankind, we encourage personal education. Learning is the ability to seek the gaps in personal understanding and bridge them with the information that is available. Learning is important to understanding any issue you face, or obstacle that may be before you. We encourage our team members to develop a habit of regular personal training that cultivates knowledge. Learning is the cultivation of the soil that will one day grow great ideas, and that includes wooden iPad holders. Tall trees have grown from ideas, seeds of ideas have sprouted from the earth to see the sunshine. However, before any of this happens, the soil of thought must be fertilized by Learning.

Not only are those our values, they have also become our recipe for success. By living up to each of these words, we have created a shell that protects, looks superb and is practical, whether you choose to use it with your iPad when you’re on your daily commute or as a wooden iPad kitchen stand so you can read your screen while you cook. There’s a Tortl to fit every model of iPad, including the Mini, and each one is lovingly crafted from the finest materials, promising style, sturdiness, protection and longevity. We even boast environmental credentials here at Tortl Tablet Shells: the wood we use is sustainably sourced and the leather trimmings are vegan. If your present iPad cover is lacking, why not look at the Tortl wooden iPad holder, for standard and mini sizes? Once you have seen our shells, you won’t want to look at another iPad cover.

Live According To Your Values With The Wooden iPad Holder From Tortl Tablet Shells

At Tortl Tablet Shells, these are the values we hold dear, and the ones that have led us to design and build the innovative, surprising yet highly effective wooden iPad holder options you’ll see throughout our website at https://www.tortl.com. We truly believe that, with these values in mind, our teams are stronger, better, happier and more effective. If you share our values, why not see how they are embodied in our unique wooden iPad stand? If you have questions about our products or our ethos, we’d be delighted to answer them. Email us today at customerservice@tortl.com or call and speak to a member of the team on (757) 356-2964.

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