Wood iPad Case Built To Protect Your Tech And Enhance Your Daily Life

Wood iPad case options and metal versions are our specialty here at Tortl Tablet Shells. We have a love for wooden tablet holders and artistry that has manifested itself into our products and business culture. We looked around the market for a wooden iPad holder that was artistically crafted, with a style that was pleasing. In short, we didn’t find any wooden cases that matched our unique style. Our artists went to work designing a tablet case named Advantageous. Simplicity, functionality and design were the goals that we took aim at when we began designing our wood iPad holders. We drafted and tested several designs before we felt that artistically, we had created the design that we dubbed with the name (R100) TortMini. Craftsmanship and quality design is important to our team. We want to ensure that we bring our customers quality, to maximize their satisfaction with our wood iPad holders. For Americans, quality is important. Additionally, selecting manufacturing channels that share our vision is important to ensure that prototype designs continue to have the highest quality. We enlisted the aid of experienced team members with an expertise in designing wood products, medical, military, and aerospace components with over 30 years of experience. With that level of demanding precision in their resume, they began to show our team what they could produce. Our team combed through fabric warehouses, wood farms and metal reserves, to find materials sufficient to craft the prototype design the R100 (TortMini).

Wood iPad Case

Our Wooden iPad Stand Incorporates Lightweight Metal, Designed For Your Lifestyle

We chose premium materials to design our wood iPad case. The R100 wooden tablet holder was developed with premium cherry wood. This wood is synonymous with premium interiors and high-quality finishes. Cherry wood was chosen for its warm and rich appearance. When exposed to light, this wood darkens, giving it an executive luxury appearance congruent with the level of quality TORTL Tablet Shells aligns with its product offerings. Additionally, cherry wood was chosen for its wood-working characteristics and strength. The beautiful finish and dramatically artistic natural wood swirl patterns are sustainable without color improvements and stains. Next, we took a look at our metals. Premium metals that maximize strength, durability and weight saving capabilities are important. Cutting the weight of our wooden iPad holders is also important. Using 6061-T6 aluminum reduces the weight over standard metal materials. This makes our wooden holder more comfortable to use when commuting. Additionally, the design of the Tablet shell is slim. This is another weight-saving measure used to optimize product comfortability. Our products are intimate pieces of design that are a part of our customers’ everyday lives. Maximizing our wooden tablet holders’ ability to keep up with you is important to us. 6061-T6 aluminum is used in aerospace grade technologies for the same characteristics. Structural engineers have used 6061-T-6 Aluminum in the construction of aircraft and fuselages. The chassis of sports sedans like the Audi A8 Share use this aluminum for its strength and durability. Cutting weight allows for the luxury and speed from a wood tablet holder that busy professionals need. For these reasons, TORTL chose this metal and wood tablet holder design, creating the best iPad wood case on the market to keep up with your high-performance lifestyle.

Our iPad Case Wood Frame Uses Premium Vegan Leathers Too

Research and development over the years has refined vegan leathers to allow designers to tailor the look and feel of leathers to match the design of specific market demand. Designers can place requests for specific premium leathers and incorporate design qualities that are found in only in the rarest of leathers. In the past, this meant increased cost to receive perfect selections. But now, the widespread availability of high-quality vegan leathers has allowed us to increase the quality of our iPad case wood frame tablet holders, while decreasing the overall product cost. Additionally, this increased the demand to produce higher quality, increased the procurement of leather. For the artist at TORTL with very specific design interests, it is artistic gold. These changes in product composition gave TORTL the ability to maximize the design qualities for the custom wood iPad case, the tablet holder R100. We were able to select premium leathers cuts that are difficult to find. Vegan leather can stand the test of time. In testing, vegan leather has been shown to have an increased life expectancy over other types of leathers, with a significant reduction in biodegradability. This means that your tablet holder will be like new for many years to come. Additionally, it’s animal friendly. Using products like ours reduces the harm done to the animal population, as it’s important that we preserve and prioritize the welfare of all living creatures. Reducing our impact on the global environment is important, as we produce our products. At TORTL Tablet Shells, protecting our planet and the balance of all animals is important. If you buy from us, we thank you for choosing to protect our environment.

The Design And Weight Credentials Of Our iPad Mini Wood Case

When designing our wood iPad case range, we considered that a design that was too bulky would not fit into our customers’ everyday lives. We needed a design that could be as flexible as our lives have to be. The rear detachable support allows your tablet holder to fit securely and easily into your bag or purse. What was once on your desk is ready to make the commute home with you in seconds. Additionally, sometimes we want to hold our tablets close to us. We realize that our mobile devices are an intimate part of our lives. How our wood cases feel in your hands is important. “How easy is it to use?”, you ask. The answer is very easy! Its outer shell allows the user to maintain a good grip, while freely using thumbs or hands to interact with the screen. When leaving the support attached, the rear detachable support allows you to freely grasp and use your wooden holder with very minimal obstruction from the rear support stand. In designing our wood cases versatility is important to us. Our wooden tablet holders, including the iPad mini wood case, were created to solve a few problems for tablet users. One of the problems we aimed to solve is the ability to stand the iPad both vertically and horizontally. This allows our users to enjoy their life and wooden tablet holder on their terms. When taking a video call, you may want to stand your tablet up vertically. The TORTL Shells free your hands to fully immerse yourself into the conversation with loved ones. They can see you as you are, not with one hand holding the tablet. Additionally, the horizontal stance makes it easy for web surfing and video watching. Standing at an angle, TORTL Tablet Shells allow you to fully enjoy your wooden tablet experiences, no matter what angle you choose.

The Best Wood iPad Case On The Market Is Available From TORTL Tablet Shells

In conclusion, when you choose a TORTL Tablet Shell, you have chosen a wooden tablet holder that comes from an experienced design team with a passion for quality tablet holders. Your wood iPad case is a versatile piece of functional art that is ready to meet your needs and keep up with your busy lifestyle. You have received a miniature piece of engineering that has been designed by a team that have a wide variety of skills from artists and aerospace parts crafting technicians. You are getting the premium wooden tablet holder, and are doing your part to help protect the environment. You can read more about our market-leading wooden iPad stand on our website at https://www.tortl.com, and if you have questions, email us at customerservice@tortl.com or give us a call on (757) 356-2964. Thank you for visiting TORTL Tablet Shells.

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