Hi, You made it to the about TORTL page! My name is Lawrence Reed. I am a veteran of the Armed Services. I have deployed to six deployment locations. After a long military career, I decided it was time to follow my entrepreneurial dreams. I am an artist, designer, and wood worker. What made me decide to make tablet holders? 

While deployed I wanted to chat with my mother. I needed something that could stand on its own and support itself so that my hands could be free. Naturally, being a guy that loves art and woodworking, I gave birth to my first tablet shell. I would then use my creation to stay connected with my family and movie watching in my leisure time. My Tablet Holder was attached to me. Where ever I went it went.


WARNING VERY HONEST MOMENT: I absolutely am not a huge fan of a lot of the tablet holders in the marketplace. Many are made of plastics and lack style and functionality for working professionals. Finding one made of wood and metal was even harder. Many Tablet Holders do not stand vertically for video calls. This left me to hold the tablet with one hand while enjoying the call with another. TORTL aims to provide our customers with the premium luxury experience. Something that is extremely hard to find in the marketplace. After testing my hypothesis, I found that this was a problem that many people like you were experiencing too.

TORTL Tablet Shells is dedicated to bringing the functionality and style to our customers that our daily lives demand. We know quality and style when we see it and feel it. Premium materials are very important as well. “Our customers deserve to feel every ounce of joy I felt when I called my mom, it felt like she was sitting right there”- Lawrence Reed.

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